Wednesday, April 8, 2015



  1. Luis P. helped me today. Universal rebuilt my 2001 Chevy Subruban transmission about 6 weeks ago, but the starter was making a loud noise on start up for 1 second. still not normal. Luis said to bring it in and they wouldcheck it. out. start was bed, and he GAVE me a used one off the shelf. No noise. the starter was not kicking out from the flywheel fast enough.

    also both of my visits to Universal Luis was on the phone with customers that were juist shopping prices and he said that he had to put them on hold or they could call back that he had "CUSTOMERS IN THE STORE" "VERY PROFESSIONAL". the customers in person come first ALWAYS. I wish more stores would do the same.

    thanks Luis i will be sending customers your way in the future,.

    you also came recomended by McIntyre Automotive.

  2. Took my car there to have transmission issue diagnosed, they had it for 2 weeks. Just to diagnose it. After taking it all apart and letting us know that it needed to be rebuilt and quoted us the cost, we had to decline them the work as we could not afford the cost. We asked that they put all the parts in a box so we could come trailor the car home until we could save money for the repair. A neighbors friend offered to rebuild it for half the price of what we were quoted. He got all the parts out of the box and let us know 4 parts were missing. My father in law a retired army vet took his time out to come from across town to pick up the parts for us to bring them to the guy working on the transmission, he then tells us we are missing one of the main computer boards still. My father in law then has to go back to the universal location and ask for that part, they “are looking for it” the computer board will cost us $700 if the shop does not “find” it and return it to us. We will request the part be paid for by universal if they can not produce the original part. If this will not be done, we will have to take it to a legal level. This is not the kind of business i would recommend anyone to. Sorry we can not afford your prices, that does not give you the right to treat us like trash and keep parts that belong to us, we paid for the diagnoses of $580 so your work was not done for free. Please stop treating is like we screwed you. We will not use your shops and will not send anyone to them either. Bad service, no one is professional, takes way to long to do the work.

  3. I have to recognize that have quality service, comfortable prices , now I have no problems with my car, definitely recommend it.